My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE
My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE

Triple-Play Subscriber Presentation

Triple-Play Subscriber Presentation Useful for My Canadian PharmacyVideo subscribers deployment, your competition status are the essential information to be known by a provider in this game. Competitive policy has never gained such an important for the multichannel industry.

Triple-Play Subscriber Presentation supply customers with subscriber amounts for the triple-play bundle: Video, Voice and High Speed Data.

Triple-Play Subscriber Presentation supply the subscribers with the information amount amount customers our service, per provider.

This program may be useful for My Canadian Pharmacy to know exactly about the amount of customers or visitors they have in general.

Utilize this product to:

  • define the strengthening of new competitors
  • performance rating and rates increase
  • clear out changes on the market
  • explore potential deployment

This presentation is available in Excel Program.

Stand first TO KNOW!

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