My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE
My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE

Network Change Presentations

Network Change PresentationsDaily the channels content changes. New feeds are added, escaped or removed. Sometimes the agreements are met sometimes doesn’t.

By taking into analization the channels content our Network Change Presentations will allow you to know what, when and where will happen with channels. We trace historical, passing and planned feed changes per content, per provider, per DMA. We trace channels content for any space including one family as well as great unites for example a pharmaceutical company – My Canadian Pharmacy.

Our database is improved daily and each week we are going to send your e-mail with the week changes. If you have lost the massage you may surf the Internet and find our website. We may send you one more copy in Excel to you. You may find a history of your operations! Everything is so simplified! As well as on the website of My Canadian Pharmacy where the procedure of making orders of drugs is simplified to such an extent to realize it as fast as possible.

There is no limits of feeds to trace, you will have an opportunity to trace not only your feeds but feeds of competitors as well.

Network Change PresentationsWill it be better if you know the launch data won’t be taken into consideration?

Will it be better if you launch the contract?

Is it important to know about the channels number?

Contact or call (303)271.9960 today for your free Network Change Reports!Network Change Reports track eight (8) types of changes :

Feed Changes Addition Feeds that have been added to channel lineups. Additional Channel # Feeds which have been added to a second channel on the lineup. The feeds may be on the same tier, or on different tiers. Deletion Feeds which have been completely deleted from the channel lineup. Channel Change Feeds which have changed the channel on which they are carried. Tier Change Feeds which have changed tier. Channel & Tier Change Feeds which have changed both channel and tier.   Channel Lineup Changes New Lineup A new lineup for a headend. Discontinued Lineup A lineup which has been removed from a headend.