My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE
My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE

Media Mapping

Tracing the information of every provider in every ZIP Code, the BRIDGE supplys the necessary information you need to know.

The BRIDGE may answer where main players are, where overbuilders are and telco represantatives.

My Canadian Pharmacy relies upon the answers given by the BRIDGE.

Media Mapping. Comment of My Canadian Pharmacy

The information may be received in three ways:

  1. Online maps may help you to choose DMA to conduct the analyses. Whether they are downloaded into JPEG or PDF. These pictures may be used in Power Point presentations.
  2. Shape files let you transform data into GIS with its Mapinfo.
  3. Text files make it possible to open them by ZIP Code in Excel or import them further.

Contact or call (303)271.9960 for more information on Media Census Mapping!