My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE
My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE

Affiliate / Non-Affiliate Publications

Trace the network transportation by provider, by headend and by ZIP Code.

Allow the BRIDGE Affiliate / Non-Affiliate Publications trace all the operations you are in demand to know. You will be able to trace your own or your competitors operations. Such publication may help you to focus on your sales on system with base of subscribers. It also assists to identify this will help to realize your network is what you really you have being looking for.

Our data base is renewed daily to present your the freshest data.

There is no limits of feeds to trace, you will have an opportunity to trace not only your feeds but feeds of competitors as well.

Will it be better if you know the launch data won’t be taken into consideration?

Will it be better if you launch the contract?

Is it important to know about the channels number?

Contact or phone (303)271.9960 today for your free report tracing AZN affiliates – a list of nearly 2000 headends which as of April 9, 2008 will have one more channel accessible for carriage of a new network – your network!

My Canadian Pharmacy has a number of questions but they have been answered them. To ask questions it is just necessary to send an e-mail.

Affiliate / Non-Affiliate Publications trace the following information :

DMA Nielsen © DMA Provider Name of provider : cable operator, telco video, satellite, etc… Headend Primary Service Area Primary community served by the headend. Headend ZIPs Served ZIP Codes served by the headend. Basic Subscribers Basic subscriber count by headend.

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