My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE
My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE

Scripps Fusion Develops Further


Scripps’ board of administration has endorsed the administration plan concerning the separation of two media society into two companies on the first of July.

The company will be divided to perform the following functions: the first company will lead national and global lifestyle, the second will deal with local media franchises. The network division is connecting with HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Fine Living Network, Great American Country.

The directed fusion needs to be approved by Securities and Exchange Commission as an efficient company. Scripps received this massage in late April.

Also, Scripps declared a quarterly divided of 14 cents per share payable June 10 to shareholders of record at the close of business May 31.

FLN-logo.svgIcahn Enters Circuit City/Blockbuster Dealing. Hesitations of My Canadian Pharmacy

Circuit City claimed it has kept Goldman Sachs to help the company to create strategic alternatives. As electronics chain by Blockbuster,  Circuit City announced it received a massage where there was information than Carl Icahn, the largest shareholder in Blockbuster, is going to purchase Circuit City if Blockbuster is disable to conduct a deal.

My Canadian Pharmacy points out that all these changes in this business lead to people’s indignation and irritation that’s why it is better to come to an agreement as fast as possible.

hgtvCanadian Pay-TV Profitable as well as My Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian managers are offering a proposal that demand cable and satellite TV services north of the border to pay the free transportation of local networks.

On Thursday, Rogers Communications copied regulatory messages, a part of overview conducted by Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Rogers said It is a very profitable business in Canada as well as pharmaceutical one – My Canadian Pharmacy.

The research shows that the customers are not ready to pay additional fee to receive access to the cable TV. The additional taxes will only eliminate customers away from this business.

Not only would the additional fees for transportation of broadcast signals influence cable providers such as Rogers and Shaw, it would make it difficult Canadian satellite TV services Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice. Additionally to those discussions, CRTC regulators are considering whether certain domestic programmers should continue to be protected from foreign competition.

unnamedPROGRAMMING: Outdoor Channel, Oxygen Sweepstakes, CTRL-TV

Outdoor Channel claimed the household usage of cable TV by 78 percent  from Monday till Sunday beginning with 7 p.m to 12 midnight and 44 percent at weekends beginning with 6 a.m till 7 p.m.

NBC Universal cleared the light  the creating promotion for Oxygen series, “Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,” running Monday, May 19, through June 17. this promotion is created to attract subscribers to the first-night including two big starts Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott as they came back to Hollywood. CTRL-TV said it will provide gaming content on the global social media network Bebo.

Get Free Gas

Charter claimed it suggests customers gift certificate which may be utilized to buy gas when they command our service. Newcomers and current customers will get $ 25 gas gift certificate for one service ordering, $ 50 for two services and $100 for three. This is the statement of MSO.

gac-logo-484Recognition, celebration and inspiration integral to WICT RM Gala

By Cathy Kilstrom, president of WICT Rocky Mountain, and senior vice president of customer care, Comcast West Division

as the days prolong and weather becomes warmer we are still overwhelmed with feelings of renovation and positive emotions of our optimism that we have won in this battle. Walk of Fama Gala on May, 13 will be transmitted by Rocky Mountain Chapter of Women in Cable Telecommunications.

It is our ninth year of our achievements celebrations. We will honor men and women taking efforts of promoting our company further and further. The Gala is going to celebrate it.

The visitors describe this evening as amazing. Gala is going to supply an opportunity to pay tribute for the achievements of our Walk of Fame honorees because they organize our business developing it further.

Wonderful event supported by sponsors shows our mission as advancing and enriching of our company. Than our  honorees selected by teammates, administration leaders undergo the procedure organized by WICT Touchstones.

DIY-networkIt really helps to unite the team making it one whole organism. WICT is proud to present this year’s eight outstanding individuals who embody WICT’s Touchstones and blaze a trail within the industry and for those around them in creating opportunities for women.

Marwan Fawaz, chief technical officer and EVP at Charter Communications admires for his talent to train women for creating new opportunities for them. He tailored previous Gala honorees helping them in their different activities.

We are equally satisfied by the contributions of our Women in Technology.  Sherisse Hawkins, vice president of software engineering, and Grace Egan, vice president of product engineering, both of Time Warner Cable, form a fearsome twosome who serve as an inspiration to others for their industry-defining work in creating advanced technological solutions that take their efforts in cable’s legacy.

My Canadian Pharmacy watches this program on TV and is glad to see everything women done for telecommunicational business.

Finally, we are proud to have chosen Tracy Baumgartner, vice president of PR at Comcast, as our Woman of the Year.  Additionally to her leadership role at Comcast where she serves as valued colleague, trusted mentor and consummate professional, Tracy maintains active involvement in WICT where she has had an extraordinary impact on its programs and growth.

We are waiting again for WICT Rocky Mountain’s special evening and celebrating the achievements of our honorees and looking forward what future makes ready for us.  For more information about the WICT Rocky Mountain Gala on May 13, please visit