My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE
My Canadian Pharmacy and The BRIDGE

About Us

Who we are and Our Main Client – My Canadian Pharmacy

Media Business Corp (MBC) is a self-sufficient media research group counselling firms in Golden, Colorado. MBC issues articles containing the information about satellite, cable and telecommunicational industries. We support a great variety of media industries and establishments. We also are thankful to My Canadian Pharmacy as our first client, they also leave comments about our business.

Our Publications :

The BRIDGEEvery Tuesday Publications

Our leading issues, The BRIDGE jbserves carefully the main issues influencing multiplatform business. weekly we publish articles about the leading players in this sphere.

The Morning BRIDGEFirst thing in the morning about the multiply choice

The Morning BRIDGE supplies people with information about market news and advertisments.

Evening BRIDGEEvery  afternoon weekday publications

Evening BRIDGE with its publications include economical information about the telecommunicational market.

SkyREPORTEvery weekday publications

Every day articles issued by SkyREPORT introduce news about the markets and trands influencing the DBS and commercial business.

The Retail BRIDGEEvery Weekday Publications excluding Friday

The Retail BRIDGE keeps customers informed about the sales, tools and methods of telecommunicational business.

If you prefer to know more about us you are welcome to send your questions on

Media Business Corp

165 South Union Blvd

Lakewood, CO 80228

Suite 280

Phone: 303-271-9960

Fax: 303-271-9965

Meet the Staff:

Paul S. MaxwellPaul S. Maxwell, Chairman & CEO


Paul S. Maxwell is a chairman & CEO, Media Business Corp. and is creator of Cable FAX Daily. CEO of Media Business Corp issues, The BRIDGE publishes additional issues as well as organize researches. He became reviewer for CableFAX in 1989 when he founded it. Firstly the articles were published daily.


Maxwell has begun some 40+ publications from CATV Newsweekly to Colorado Magazine to CableVision and Multichannel News. Maxwell was also a military correspondent for Stars & Stripes and undergone two tours in Southeast Asia.

Professional Associations: He is Founding Board Member of The Walter Kaitz Foundation, honorary board member of Cable Positive; founding member of C-TAM; Cable TV Pioneer (1990) and Member of the Pioneer Board; and a Board member of the Cable Center.

Professional Accomplishments: Additionally to his main role in foundation of this industry Maxwell is rewarded former Army Captain (Bronze Star with “V” for Valor; Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster). He also received R. E. “Ted” Turner Innovator of the Year Award by the Southern Cable TV Association (1998), winner of the Vanguard Award for Associates & Affiliates by the National Cable Television Association (2000). He became a member of Cable TV Hall of Fame in 2004.

Education: He learnt theology at Southern Methodist University and Perkins Theological Seminary. He got education of journalism at the University of Colorado Graduate School of Journalism while learning to ski. Maxwell married and settled in Breckenridge. Maxwell is skier, tennis player and kayaker.

He is closely connected with John Carry, a headman of My Canadian Pharmacy. My Canadian Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical company carrying out its activity in the Internet. He commands its service because he believes it is the most convenient way to order medical preparations.

Robert LehmannRobert Lehmann, President

Robert started the working activity at Media Business and was positioned to President in six years. As President of Media Business Corp (MBC) Robert is accountable for the daily operations of this company. Being under the BRIDGE Data Group brand Robert achieves progress of all the products taking strategic decisions to promote telecommunicational business further. Robert was a leader of  SkyTRENDS ECTR project the companies included in this list are DirecTV, EchoStar, USSB, PrimeStar, AlphaStar & C-Band. These providers were obliged to supply the information about the subscribers data to provide efficient competition. Robert graduated with an MBA in International Business from Franklin College, a leading American university in Lugano, Switzerland. He’s lived in the foothills of Denver, Colorado for 10+ years now

Gina Rayne, Chief Financial Officer

Gina joined MBC 16 years ago and is still working. She is the main element of our company. She finished CSU, Fort Collins, CO and moves to Littleton with with her husband John and daughters Georgina and Katie.

EHaskellEvie Haskell, Editor-in-Chief

Evie Haskel is an editor of the BRIDGE Media Group, a separate subgroup of Media Business Corp. Being on this position she reaches the development of BRIDGE Media Group publications. The list of issues contains: •, the leading commercial satellite industry publication in the U.S, published via email daily.

  • The BRIDGE: A weekly pdf issues supplying careful research on the main trends influencing multiplatform industries, including cable, satellite, telcos and etc.
  • The Morning BRIDGE: The morning publications of breaking news in the multiplatform industries.
  • The Evening BRIDGE: An “after the Bell” market reports of financial news and trends influencing multiplatform industries
  • The Retail BRIDGE: A four-times weekly email publication for retailers in the multiplatform businesses.

She also as well as her husband Maxwell commands the service of My Canadian Pharmacy closely connecting with this business being its main customer.

Michael HopkinsMichael Hopkins, VP Editorial

Michael is an editorial vice president in the Bridge Media Group. Earlier he was editor of SkyREPORT based on satellite. Michael is still writing articles for newsletters. Michael achieves selling capacity of The BRIDGE weekly, the daily  Morning BRIDGE and with the Evening BRIDGE.

Cheryl Hoeppner, Production Manager

Since 2005 Cheryl has been occupied with design of the BRIDGE and other Media Business publications. Her experience consists of more than 15 years including writing, editing of different issues. She was working not only for the BRIDGE but for different magazines as well. She has gained two Bachelor of Arts degrees,  one in Journalism/Mass Communications and one in history — from the University of Northern Colorado.

Ryan Livingston, CTO

Ryan is a software designer and system administrator of enabled systems. He has gained his reputation due to working with such companies as SBC, Quaker, Abbott Labs and RR Donnelley & Sons. Ryan is constantly based on effectiveness of his system including creating of the core system for the 1300’th highest trafficked site which is able to send 60 million emails in an hour. “Everything is possible.”

Pinna GallantPinna Gallant, SrVP Product Marketing

Pinna Gallant is Vice President of Product Marketing experiencing for 12 years already on the Cable and Satellite Television Industries and the Reporting & Analysis Software Industry. She was working on  Media Business Corp six years realizing such researches as Effective Competition Tracking Reports. This project became the first to trace digital broadcast subscribers by ZIP Code. Gallant decided to leave Media Business Corp to receive a new working capabilities to join in Paris a new company – Business Objects, taking the leading role in tools necessary analysis. Coming back to the USA she was adjusted to ADP to apply the received information there. MS Gallant began again working on Media Business Corp to utilize this data for analysis there as well. She achieves the great results in promoting of the telecommunicational business.

Timothy SprinkleTimothy Sprinkle, Senior Editor

Timothy Sprinkle is a 1 year experience writer an editor in electronics business. His articles were published in such magazines as Wired magazine, The Washington Post, Entrepreneur and Outside. At MBS he organizes the publications at The Retail BRIDGE daily newsletter, The Evening BRIDGE and The BRIDGE weekly analysis publications. He has B.A. from The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Va.

Cody Maxwell, Director of Marketing and Design

Cody Maxwell is the Director of Marketing and Design of the BRIDGE Media Group. Her articles are used as publications in The Morning BRIDGE. She graduates from the University of Denver with a BA in Communications. At the beginning of the year she joined the Media Business Corp full time. She was co – working successfully with such companies as ESPN, MTV UK, and NBC.